Furnace Maintenance in Derby, Connecticut

Furnace maintenance

Your furnace usually quits heating at the worst time. Like the middle of the chilliest winter evening. Or during a snowstorm. Then you’re left with charges for furnace repair that you weren’t ready for.

Like visiting the mechanic, furnaces need routine service. That’s why we perform furnace maintenance in Derby, Connecticut. It can help you prevent sudden costs and keep your furnace running correctly during the heating season.

Our heating and cooling experts will closely examine your equipment at the time that they do seasonal checkups, potentially discovering issues before they begin. Expert service has the chance to also make your furnace operate more efficiently, helping you save more on gas costs.

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3 Benefits of Annual Furnace Service

Heating service offers a number of benefits for your system and home. Here are three of the most impactful ones.

1. Keeps Your Family Safe

Most heating systems utilize natural gas to make heat, and the heat exchanger completes a crucial job in the process. If that piece is damaged, carbon monoxide has the ability to leak into your residence. Additionally, it could be fatal in heavy amounts.

We’ll inspect the heat exchanger, as well as burners and valves to make sure your household is safe.

2. Reduces the Potential for Service Calls

It’s hard to find a worse time for your furnace to go out than the middle of winter. Especially when you determine you may have been able to prevent it.

Making sure you have covered heating service means our experts can take a look at your unit and ensure everything’s running like it should. That way, you may be able to avoid expensive work down the line. Since we’re already looking at your equipment, we can also help you figure out when it's time for new furnace installation.

3. Maintains Furnace Effectiveness

Regular service not only keeps grime off your system, it takes a crucial role in keeping your heater operating at top performance during the coldest parts of the year.

What Does Furnace Maintenance Include?

Furnace reader
Keeping gas furnaces in good working order can feel tough, but we make it easy with our regular tune-ups for heaters.

Our professionals’ work covers the following:

Looking Over Inner Components

We’ll inspect crucial components, like the blower motor, heat exchanger and burners, to make certain they’re clean and working properly.

Examining Electrical Connections

We’ll make sure your heating system’s electrical components are operating correctly and that you don’t have unsecured connections.

Confirming Airflow

We’ll make certain there aren’t any obstructions that might affect your heating system’s operation or lessen your comfort.

Analyzing Complete HVAC Function

We’ll inspect controls and safety mechanisms to make certain that your heater is running properly and efficiently.


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At Giordanos Heating and Air Conditioning, we want to go beyond merely fixing your heating concerns. Our objective is to keep your HVAC system working during the most frigid winter day. And make sure your residence is a cozy, relaxing space.

When it comes to boosting comfort, efficiency and reliability, a heating inspection is one of the most important things you can do for your unit. Our heating and cooling service team understands how crucial it is to keep your heating and cooling systems functioning each and every month.

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